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Driving a Lamborghini is a defining experience. A heart racing adrenaline-fueled ride that thrills all of your soul. Allow us to now take you on new adventures with new perspectives that will stir your imagination. Through unique NFTs, you will experience different kinds of worlds that only Lamborghini can create.
Exclusive Premier

Exclusive Premier

Over the next eight months, we are embarking on a digital journey culminating in the ultimate reveal. A first-of-its-kind new vehicle unveiling will definitively make the statement that Lamborghini continuously pushes the boundaries of design, experience, innovation, and emotion.
How it works

how it works

The Lamborghini NFT community spoke, and we listened. Beginning with Drop 2 (coming September 2022), all base NFTs (priced at $196.30) will be limited to an edition size of 1,963.

These three limited-edition collectible NFTs will each be available for 24 hours, and are joined by an extremely rare edition of which only 63 will be minted; a nod to the genesis of Lamborghini’s 1963 foundation.

The goal is to complete the collection of the four NFTs each month:
  • Collect all three limited-edition collectible NFTs and receive a silver puzzle piece
  • Acquire the rare NFT in addition to the three limited-edition collectible NFTs to receive a gold puzzle piece

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